Noble Gases:

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The noble gases (Group 18) are located in the far right of the periodic table and were previously referred to as the "inert gases" due to the fact that their filled valence shells (octets) make them extremely nonreactive. The noble gases were characterized relatively late compared to other element groups.

They have little tendency to gain or lose electrons. The noble gases have high ionization energies and negligible electronegativities. The noble gases have low boiling points and are all gases at room temperature.

Summary of Common Properties

  • Fairly nonreactive

  • Complete valence shell

  • High ionization energies

  • Very low electronegativities

  • Low boiling points (all gases at room temperature)


1. What elements make up the Noble Gas family?

2. What group are the noble gases located in?

3. Contrast noble gases with metals and nonmetals.

4. Can noble gases react with other elements? Why or why not?

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